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The challenge

In today’s society, many people face constant work overload that negatively affects their quality of life. The fast pace of modern life and ever increasing work demands have led to a significant decrease in the time available to take care of our health, eat healthy and enjoy quality moments with family and loved ones. It is for this reason that designing products that can contribute a grain of sand in people’s lives is essential and is a challenge that every Ui/UX designer should take on.


As a result of an investigation carried out by me with people within my work and family environment, I discovered that one of the most disturbing things in their lives is dealing with healthy eating. The commitments, the lack of time at home, have had a significant impact on his mental and physical health. The study concludes that more than 90% of those surveyed are interested in improving their quality of life and understand that healthy eating is the main issue to improve in their lives. One of the questions you ask is; How can technology help in their lives? Most assume that creating digital products or tools that can make their lives simpler, that adapt to their reality of life, would be appreciated by them. In conclusion, eating healthy, saving time for the family is a fundamental priority.


After extensive research and understanding people’s needs, an opportunity arose to design equitable and accessible solutions. Inspired by valuable testimonials, especially from parents, I developed an innovative app that allows them to save time and prepare healthy meals creatively and easily. After analyzing the market, we discovered a lack of accessible designs, so we combined a social media platform with a wide variety of user-shared, free and paid recipes. The app offers a diversity of options tailored to different tastes, dietary needs and culinary preferences, encouraging social interaction between users and the chance to network with other cooking enthusiasts.

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